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I just sent out the request
I'm really sorry I seemed like a jerk to you guys
I didn't mean to and I loved all your ocs
I had a busy life and I couldn't update the group or rp

So now the fandom is dead and I really don't have a reason to keep the group open anymore
It was nice playing with all of you though
You guys were amazing
And I know most of you are friends with eachother (I actually secretly wished I could be a part of that)
So I hope you guys have a good life and aren't too mad at me for this

I also might delete this DA account and just post on croxovergoddess from now on
I'll sleep on it

I’m going to die if I dont

I’m going to start looking for rooms to rent 

Please donate

 I have two commissions to finish but here are my prices. I’ll put you on my list 

I’m just so unhappy. I never should have spent that money helping my mom. She’s so horrible 

$10 bust 

$20 full body + $5 per extra person 

$30 traditionally sketched and digitally colored by me (might take a while though) 

$15 for a gemsona doodle 

$45 nsfw doodle + $10 per person (OCs only)

$50 art style commissions

every $100 I receive in my paypal means two days of free requests for everyone! (No ocs that aren’t mine or nsfw unless you’re donating) And I got another $100 yesterday so leave requests/suggestions in the comments!

So on my other account :iconcroxovergoddess: I'm drawing people and their OCs as Middleverse monsters for $10!
$5 for colors!
Note me if interested
the next page being colored by the talented :icontissuecube: coming out in close to a week. 
So, I have this idea. 
That every page of Moons over Mackey, since I'll be busy with work and Adventures in Middleverse, should be colored by different artists trying to get their names out there! It would be a fun experience and you get to see pages early! 

Note me if interested and I'll send you a page~ 

Also, Looking for a quick colorist to color the Nanny Elf-boy pages for me so I can go ahead let people start downloading that. 
Whoever helps me with Nanny Elf-boy or Adventures in Middleverse will get paid for every issue sold so note me soon! 

DR's really growing, guys. And it makes me So happy!
Every single fan of this comic is beautiful. 
Love you guys!
This page needs some love so how about some requests? 
Only DR please but you can request Any DR characters do Anything you want! 
Ends tonight at midnight. 
I'm getting a couple of commissions done today so I figured I'd open CHARACTER TRADES! 
Here is the deal 
If you draw my character meeting yours, I will do the same.
if you color, I will color 
Based off of how much detail you use, I will do the same 
It's a game that will help us both with pushing limits and we gets to see our ocs drawn in different styles! 

Game starts Now! 
Have fun! 
I know I will~ 
What would you like to see happen? 

Any adventures you'd like to see them go on or just interactions you can't wait for? 

This comic is %100 original so I will be merchandising when it gets big enough. What would you be interested in buying when I do? 
Werewolf symbol shirts? Species merch? Like, "Blood Baby" "Skin Walker" "Shadow Demon" "Draculicious" lol 

ANd if you're interested in doing a collab or helping me with a mini comic, note me. 

Some Updates~

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 18, 2014, 8:15 PM
First off. New Journal skin~ 
Second, LGTA will be coming out soon. Lil sketch comics and you guys can totally share ideas for me to doodle in the comments. 
Posting the old LGTA on here, too  Lgta Pt1 by DoodlesInMiddleverse
DR comics will be coming out more now. New characters and soon I'll have stickers, cards and other products to sell so be on the lookout! 

Oh And My newest posters are now prints, cards, magnets and mugs
Kiss With A Fist by DoodlesInMiddleverse  Nick Cosplays by DoodlesInMiddleverse  Angel N LadyFace by DoodlesInMiddleverse

Also, I love OC art trades and collabs so note me!

(yeah I'm watching Yu-gi-oh abridged and I can't think to this show. I'm pretty brain dead right now)

Updates n junk

Mon Feb 3, 2014, 8:43 PM

Kay, so I finally made my own lame skin for this~ Yaaay 
Gonna work on more later. This is just a silly tryout 

Anywho, I'd like to thank HeartlessSlayer for giving me a premium membership! Thank ya! 
And I'd like to get some requests and ideas for Demon Revolution and LGTA from you guys, so leave a comment! 

Plus, I'd love to start animating this so if you'd like to donate so I can get a crew n all that, you can go Here

OH! And the House Party Jam is still going on! If you want in on it, all you have to do is draw your character in house party clothes and we'll all doodle our OCs together and it'll be great. 

Tootles, yall~
- Roxy 

So glad I got the new page done

To celebrate the new page and new year, how about some requests? 

Taking Reaper High (the gang in rh uniforms with other rh students), multiuniverse and Middleverse requests 

Comics and doodles

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 28, 2013, 7:14 PM
Sorry about the spam, guys!
Just getting everything out there before I get back on the actual comic.

Not gonna be able to post too much this week since I'm working full time and worrying about my apartment

So yeah. Gonna be posting some more tonight like requests n Jazz then next week's gonna be Really slow and minimal postwise.

Premium Membership!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 19, 2013, 1:30 AM
~So I can make this place all pretty and fun~

Also here are the DR genderbent files up to buy for only $2
Demon Revolution Genderbend Folder pt2 by cRoxoverGoddess

So I have a working laptop again (yaaay)
Which means colored comics are back!
So yeah
Until I can fix my laptop I'll be coloring these pages in BnW
But I will still try to get them in one page a week with little sketches and posters all throughout the week
Alright so I have a job at a Montessori now but I will try my hardest to keep this comic updated with pages every 2-4 weeks.
During that time, I will be posting old artwork, character designs and sketch pages.

So yeah
Sit Tight
Cuz it's gonna be a bumpy ride.
So, Finally getting this comic on the road.
Um... I guess I should start by answering questions n junk.
1: What is Demon Revolution?
The story of Nick and her Roommates as they deal with the bull crap of every day life.
2: Why DeviantArt?
Because I can post more than comics on here, I guess? While giving everyone a chance to comment and purchase coffee cups n junk.
3: How often will you update?
I'm gonna be clean and straight with you guys. I have no idea.
I already have a few pages already planned out but it all just depends on how busy I am and when I have the time to get a page in.

Welp. I guess that's it.
If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I will get to them when I can!

Love ya!